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Some images from the very first 'proper' animated film we made, 'The Count' from 1993 - we made it at AUB and it's only ever been screened once. Although it was flawed on every level, it was still  invaluable in allowing us to make as many mistakes as possibe. It was all shot on 16mm and cell painted too! I may  put this on Vimeo one day...be afraid...very afraid! 

Peter Parr's Sketching for Animation book has been published by Bloomsbury. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to a book that also feature contributions from animators like Joanne Quinn and Michael Dudok de Wit as well as a load of work from the man himself.

Update! Pleased to say The Furry Lady has been selected for the Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. Screening on April 9th at the Carlton Cinema - go see it and all the other great films selected for the festival.

I also recently did a filmmaking interview with Digital Asia - check it out here - http://digiasia.com.tw/Exclusive_interview/23875

Well...a long overdue update. Recent adventures include more developement work with Eve's Song, a new short project that's also in development, and good news in the form of The Furry Lady being selected to screen at The Smalls Film Festival next month (September). It'll be great to see the film with an audience again :-) 


Cinematic Hightlights?  Roy Andersons's A Pigeon sits on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Timbuktu, Diary of a Teenage Girl.  

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